Hannover Messe 2019 | Hall 6, Booth C 18

Cedalo AG

Cedalo is an innovative startup which has set out to empower everyone, also non-programmers, to create and orchestrate data streams, microservices and the digital industry. Our Streamsheets are fully connected, server-based spreadsheets that connect anything from sensors and machines to apps and websites. Thanks to the familiar UI, anyone can build digital solutions for simple as well as complex use cases 100% code-free. By fully supporting all common IoT protocols, such as MQTT, OPC UA, REST and Kafka, issues like edge-cloud connectivity, protocol conversion and data stream synchronization become as simple as a spreadsheet formula. This expands the pool of IoT developers significantly resulting in seamless cooperation between OT and IT, unrivalled agility and tremendous feature velocity.


Philipp Struß

Phone: :   +49 15233763568
E-Mail: philipp.struss@cedalo.com


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